Materials We Use

We know Kelli Ames shoppers are stylish but we think you should be well-informed too.  As a buyer, you should know WHAT you are buying.  And while we consider all of our jewelry "precious," there are some differences when it comes to materials.

Get the skinny on our range of materials:

14 karat gold - Whether it is yellow, rose or white, it always means that the item is solid gold.  It literally means that 14 parts out of 24 parts is gold or 58% pure.  (24 karat gold is too soft and 18 karat is a bit too pricey.  14 karat gold is beautiful, strong and long-lasting.  The different colors are achieved by altering the alloys that make up the other 42% such as adding copper to make it redder or adding zinc to make it whiter.  Please note that our 14k white gold jewelry contains a small amount of nickel so anyone with a nickel allergy should choose a different metal option.

Gold-filled - The gold we use is 14 karat bonded (through heat and pressure) to brass. Gold is 1/20th of the total weight of the material, hence the 14/20 nomenclature stamped on some of the pieces. The gold is a much thicker layer than gold-plated material.  This should last as long as 14k gold jewelry. It is durable and safe for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Gold-plated - The plating process involves adhering a thin layer of gold over sterling silver through an electromagnetic process.  We don't like to deprive anyone of Kelli Ames style so this a beautiful and affordable alternative to solid gold.

Sterling silver - Solid sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver with the addition of copper for strength. Frequent wear will prevent tarnish.  This is a beautiful metal that looks great layered with gold items and/or blackened silver items.

Blackened sterling silver - Sterling silver is exposed to a chemical process (often liver of sulfur) to blacken the metal.  We love the way the blackened silver looks with gold or on its own. There is no need to worry about tarnish as this is a relatively stable finish that will start off black but eventually, over time, turn a lovely gunmetal grey that is maintenance free.