Keep it clean

Care & Maintenance of your Kelli Ames jewelry

We know that our jewelry is durable enough to wear while showering, swimming, sunning, napping, exercising and all of the other fun things you do in a day, but the jewelry is also special and very well-made.  So we do recommend you putting it on after applying makeup and hair products and, if possible, (we know it’s hard to take off your Kelli Ames jewelry!) taking it off before swimming and showering.

Cleaning Gold Jewelry

Periodically wash your solid gold, gold-filled and gold-plated jewelry in warm, soapy water.  Gently wipe with a soft cloth and rinse well.  Pat dry.

Cleaning Sterling Silver Jewelry

We recommend a mild paste wax to remove tarnish such as Wright's Silver Cream which can be found in most hardware stores and drugstores.  Wet the piece and use the sponge included in the jar. Rub vigorously and rinse thoroughly.  Pat dry with a clean, soft towel to avoid water spots.  

Cleaning Blackened Sterling Silver Jewelry

The blackened, or oxidized, finish is a relatively stable finish that should be treated like gold.  NEVER use silver polish as that will remove the blackened finish on the piece.  Please follow the cleaning instructions for "Cleaning Gold Jewelry" above.