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made in the US using recycled materials?  check and check

women founded, owned & operated?  check, check and check



All of those things are important but so is buying jewelry without it turning your skin green, deforming or breaking.  What are we referring to?


...a simple word that means so much and is often misused.  We believe your jewelry should outlast the current season and well beyond.  Who doesn't like precious jewelry but if it's too thin, it breaks or too small, it disappears.  Kelli Ames creates dainty (not microscopic) and delicate (not breakable) jewelry - dainty and delicate 2.0. Because quality is not a relative term - either it's well-made or it isn't. 




The Kelli Ames brand is inspired by two women I am honored to have known and with whom I am grateful to be sharing DNA, my grandmothers - Marjorie Gayle Adams from Ames, Iowa and Dorothy May Kelly from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  

Marjorie Gayle Adams traded her midwestern roots in Ames, Iowa for a show business career in New York City.  Through her hard work and determination, she became a star Rockette and Broadway performer and was swept off her feet by a successful stockbroker. Lavishly, she spent her time between Park Avenue and Palm Beach. Marjorie was a true party girl, always in style and ready for the next adventure.  My family and I joke that she "danced" her way through life.  

Dorothy May Kelly was an amazing hostess with a strong sense of community and an even stronger sense of family loyalty. She entertained constantly and volunteered her time on causes that were important to her.   She loved sports, had a serious sweet tooth, was incredibly outspoken and her favorite color was pink - the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.

Both women made bold statements throughout their lives and inspire me everyday.  This collection pays homage to their warmth, inclusivity and femininity but also their strength and determination.  (They would also be turning over in their graves if I didn't create a luxurious, quality product!  Neither would put up with jewelry that didn't age gracefully and didn't last.)




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